Automotive, Aerodynamic & Motorsports Engineering

Past Projects

2006 Dodge Charger NHRA Nitro Funny Car - Complete body design that created the worlds fastest Funny Car at over 334 mph

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 - drag reduced to increase top speed from 197 to over 202 mph

1969 Plymouth Barracuda "Blowfish" Land Speed Race Car - 285+ mph SCTA record holder & Hot Rod Magazine Hot Rod of the Year

2002 Dodge Stratus NHRA Nitro Funny Car - full body design which set numerous NHRA speed records and propelled Gary Scelzi to 2005 NHRA World Championship

2008 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak - First Dodge NHRA legal factory race car in 40 years

2005 Dodge Charger NASCAR Sprint Cup stock car - 11 poles in debut season

2003 Dodge Stratus NHRA Pro Stock car - complete body design

2001 Dodge Intrepid NASCAR Winston Cup stock car - engine cooling system, brake cooling system, thermal management, & driver comfort

2005 Dodge Ram pickup Land Speed Racer - Wayne Jesel's World's Fastest Pickup and holder of 4 SCTA records

Aerospeed Solutions LLC provides full automotive, aerodynamic, and motorsports engineering, design, testing and consulting services to a wide variety of manufacturers and race teams. Whether you are an automotive OEM looking to meet ever stricter fuel economy regulations, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team looking to optimize your aerodynamic package, an aftermarket supplier designing the latest body kit, or a Saturday night short track racer looking for a competitive edge, we have the experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Aerospeed Solutions' founder, Terry DeKoninck, is a degreed automotive engineer and a former drag racer, automotive mechanic, and hi-performance engine builder who spent nine years at Chrysler's Dodge Motorsports managing and leading the entire design and development of some of the fastest production-based race vehicle bodies in
the world. He has logged over 2000 hours performing aerodynamic testing and development work on NHRA, IHRA, SCCA, NASCAR, and SCTA race vehicles, utilizing nine different wind tunnels across the U.S., Canada, and Germany, including full size and scale static floor, as well as rolling road facilities. Vehicles he has designed or developed have won over 50 NHRA Professional race events, set over 15 world speed and elapsed time records, have been featured in numerous magazines, won two NHRA championships, and even won Hot Rod Magazine's Hot Rod of the Year. His experience extends to aero development work on the Street & Racing Technology (SRT) line of vehicles, including the 202+ mph Dodge Viper SRT10.

Aerospeed Solutions founder Terry DeKoninck (seated) discussing visibility requirements of a new body design with NHRA Funny Car drivers Whit Bazemore and Gary Scelzi, and Chrysler wind tunnel supervisor Tonita Orr. Photo courtesy of Ray Schilling.

In addition to wind tunnel testing, Terry's extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data analysis and correlation experience has allowed him to lead and direct the digital design of entire world-record holding race vehicle bodies, utilizing only CAD software and CFD codes, without any wind tunnel testing prior to tooling. This highly successful process was an industry first in 2002, and has only recently been copied by others.