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  • Do you want your race car to run higher speeds or turn better lap times?
  • Are you designing an aftermarket body component and want to ensure it will safely perform as designed?
  • Are you trying to meet CAFE requirements at the lowest total cost?
  • Do you have handling or high speed stability issues?
  • Are you trying to determine why you are not running at the top of the pack in your class?
  • Do you want an expert to provide an aerodynamic seminar for your race team or club?
  • Is your engine, transmission, differential, brakes, or driver running hot?
  • Are you planning to wind tunnel test your car and would like to get the best value and results for your time and money?
  • Would you like to know the best location and design for an engine air or brake cooling inlet for your particular vehicle?
  • Are you a hypermileage junkie looking for a quick fix?

 We can provide anything from a one-hour consulting appointment or full track day to a full body design and manufacture. Our experience is in the real world of tight budgets, templates, rulebooks, sanctioning bodies and short timelines, so we won't waste your valuable time and money on unnecessary testing or low-value solutions. With over 2000 hours of testing experience, we have a full toolbox of proven solutions for many classes of racing and body styles. We are always pushing the limit of the rulebooks, developing creative solutions and always have an open mind to your ideas.
While wind tunnel testing can be expensive, it is not the only tool available to evaluate aerodynamic properties. Other, much less expensive tools are available that are perfectly acceptable at many levels of competition or product development (i.e. track testing, data acquisition and proper analysis, flow visualization, coast-down and straight-line testing). We are very experienced in all forms of aerodynamic and track testing. We are also an innovator in the sole use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for complete body design.

Please contact us to discuss your particular issue or requirement, whether it involves aerodynamics (drag, lift, balance, side force, stability, cooling, etc.), vehicle dynamics, powertrain, chassis or data acquisition systems and analysis. Our experience as hands-on engineers, racers, and mechanics covers the entire vehicle, so chances are we can quickly work with you to determine the root cause of any issues without a lot of time or expense and rapidly begin developing a solution.

If you would like to know what we can do for you to make your vehicle faster, more stable, handle better and run cooler, please contact us to discuss your particular project requirements.

Terry DeKoninck
Owner & Principal Engineer
Aerospeed Solutions LLC
Clarkston, MI

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